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Updated Fee Schedule

Fee Chart for Licensing & Renewals… Updated March 2020

Online CE Recording Process

The online CE recording process allows licensees to enter their classes AS THEY TAKE THEM rather than waiting until the renewal process, and will advise the licensee of required classes taken and still needed.

Online entry of CE is the only way the Department will accept CE reporting. Licensees will need to enter their courses online before attempting to renew (regardless of whether they renew online or by paper).

For entering your courses visit ADRE Online Services.

Proof of Legal Presence

PLEASE NOTE:There may be a 24 hour processing time when uploading your legal presence documentation to ADRE’s website.

The 2008 Legislature enacted a new section of law, ARS §41-1080, which requires licensing agencies, including the Department of Real Estate, to obtain proof of the license applicant’s legal presence in the United States prior to issuing a license. This also applies to license renewals.

Effective October 1, 2008, you will not be able to renew your license unless ADRE receives proof of your legal presence in this country.

Here are Instructions to satisfy this requirement.


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