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Founded in 1973, Hogan School is the finest, most successful real estate school in Southern Arizona. Hogan School offers Salesperson and Broker Prelicensing courses along with basic and advanced level continuing education courses on timely topics. More than 90 percent of our students are referred to Hogan School by former students who have personally experienced “Hogan Quality.”

The Hogan Approach to Education
Of all the real estate schools from which you can choose, Hogan School goes beyond merely filling seats and course hours. If you’ve given up on the idea that education can be interesting and stimulating, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise.

Hogan School takes pride in presenting the best instructors and using the best course materials in the business. In short, we have all the tools you need to become a successAs we all know, no one is ever a success by settling for second best.

The Hogan School Difference is Clear
Simply put, Hogan School only employs instructors that have the ability to make real estate easy and understandable. Month after month our teaching team receives rave reviews from their students. The Hogan staff, are always eager to answer student’s questions or to assist you in your educational and career goals. Our facility is bright, professional and creates a first class, positive atmosphere in which to learn. Please stop in for a tour.


Live Classes This Week

Saturday July 21
9:00am 6 (3Contract Law/3RE Legal Issues)
Tuesday July 24
6:00pm 3 RE Legal Issues
Wednesday July 25
8:00am 3 Fair Housing
11:00am 3 RE Legal Issues
2:30pm 3 Contract Law
Thursday July 26
8:00am 3 Disclosure
11:00am 3 General
2:30pm 3 Commissioner's Standards

Sales Prelicensing Classes (+/-)

Saturday July 21
8:45am N1
1:00pm N2
Sunday July 22
8:45am N3
1:00pm N4
Monday July 23
8:45am AZ1
1:00pm AZ2
6:30pm N9
Tuesday July 24
8:45am AZ3
1:00pm AZ4
6:30pm N10
Wednesday July 25
8:45am AZ5
1:00pm AZ6
6:30pm N11
Thursday July 26
8:45am AZ7
1:00pm AZ8
6:30pm N12
Hogan Calendar
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