Out of State License Recognition

Individuals Requesting Recognition of a Current Out-of-State Real Estate License

On August 27, 2019 Governor Doug Ducey signed into law ARS 32-4302 that allows individuals who are currently licensed or certified in at least one other state in the discipline applied for and at the same practice level (sales person or broker) and in good standing in all states in which the person holds a license or certification to waive their education requirement to get licensed in Arizona.

All applicants must:

  • 18 years old at time of application
  • provide proof of Arizona residency (A.R.S. 43-104)
  • have completed approved real estate curriculum in another state
  • have passed a real estate examination in another state
  • complete a 6 hr Contract Writing class (for sales license applicants) or 9 hrs of Broker Management Clinics (for broker applicants)
  • be currently licensed in the other state for at least 1 year
  • submit a certified license  history from the state(s) where the license is currently held, stating minimum requirement met and any disciplinary actions pending
  • submit a Disciplinary Actions form (LI-214)
  • BROKERS ONLY – submit a Broker Candidate Experience Verification form (LI-226)
  • obtain a fingerprint clearance card from the Arizona Department of Public Safety
  • Register and pass the Arizona Pearson Vue exam
  • Apply for your license within 1 year from passing your Pearson Vue exam

Even though the 90 hour education requirement is waived the applicant still must still meet certain requirements. Click here to view the Arizona Department’s brochure on what requirements must be met.

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