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Hogan School has partnered with The Association of Mortgage Educators (NMLS Provider ID 1400214) to offer the pre-licensing instructor-led online course. This course provides all of the tools to help you successfully complete your online MLO Pre-Licensing education.

The course is flexible and convenient, allowing you to move easily through the lessons, activities and practice exams. You’ll also have easy access to your instructor and other students through discussion forums and other activities. Your instructor will help make sure you keep on track to complete your course. Each course has a specific start and end date and required activities, including exams, that you must complete in order to receive course credit.   You MUST start the course on the start date and and finish on the last day.

Note that exams are unlocked throughout the term of the course to assist in pacing your instruction and ensuring that you remain active throughout the entire session.  Downloadable versions of reading assignments for offline reading and reference are provided.

IMPORTANT: Students enrolled in prelicensing courses must actively participate in the course throughout the entire session, meaning that you will not be able to finish before the scheduled end date. Course completions will be submitted to the NMLS within seven days after the course end date. Your fees to NMLS for credit banking are included in your tuition.

Click here to Enroll in the Arizona Online Loan Originator Course

Click here to Enroll in the California Online Loan Originator Course

What to Expect Once You have Registered

By the next business day you will receive an email that includes receipt of payment and account information. The email will also include your username and password that is needed to access your course.


$329 (includes your fees to NMLS for credit banking)

Education Requirements


The Mortgage Loan Originator exam is given by Prometric and you must schedule your exam though NMLS. Some additional information about the exam is below:





New Applicants or existing licensees who expect to enroll and/or take any SAFE MLO tests should review these candidate enrollment scenarios.

Also you should review the Uniform State Test (UST) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions…click here.

NMLS Unique Identifier

Each loan originator needs to obtain a unique identifier through NMLS. If you have not obtained your unique identifier number, you need to log on to State Regulatory Registry.

Arizona State Licensing Requirements

Access the necessary forms for licensing in the state of Arizona at the NMLS Resource Center.

Loan Origination Online Exam Prep Courses

Prepare for the NMLS exams by taking the exam prep course from the convenience of your home or office. For more information… click here

System Requirements

If you have questions regarding system requirements click here.

Live Classes This Week

Thursday November 15
6:00pm 3 RE Legal Issues
Friday November 16
8:00am 3 Commissioner's Standards
9:00am 6 (3Contract Law/3RE Legal Issues)
11:00am 3 Commissioner's Standards
2:30pm 3 Commissioner's Standards
Monday November 19
8:00am 3 Contract Law
11:00am 3 Commissioner's Standards
2:30pm 3 RE Legal Issues
Tuesday November 20
8:00am 3 Fair Housing
11:00am 3 General
2:30pm 3 Agency Law

Sales Prelicensing Classes (+/-)

Wednesday November 14
8:45am AZ4
Foothills Mall
1:00pm AZ5
Foothills Mall
Thursday November 15
8:45am AZ6
Foothills Mall
1:00pm AZ7
Foothills Mall
Friday November 16
8:45am AZ8
Foothills Mall
Wednesday November 14
8:45am AZ5
1:00pm AZ6
6:30pm N4
Thursday November 15
8:45am AZ7
1:00pm AZ8
6:30pm N5
Monday November 19
6:30pm N6
Tuesday November 20
6:30pm N7

Broker Prelicensing Classes (+/-)

Wednesday November 14
8:45am BN3
1:00pm BN4
Monday November 19
8:45am BN5
1:00pm BN6
Tuesday November 20
8:45am BN7
1:00pm BN8

Mortgage Classes (+/-)

Thursday November 15
8:00am 8 Hour AZ SAFE Compliance in Action 2018
8:00am 8 Hour AZ SAFE Compliance in Action 2018 (MCE)
6:00pm What the Heck is a 'HECM' FHA's New & Improved Reverse Mortgage Program (1MCE)
6:00pm What the Heck is a 'HECM' FHA's New & Improved Reverse Mortgage Program (MCE)
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