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Choosing a career in real estate offers flexibility and freedom to set your own pace!

The real estate profession has expanded and offers one of the widest career selections in the business world today. In addition to helping people buy and sell homes and commercial properties, there are also opportunities in property management, mortgage lending, appraisal and other areas.

Hogan students, create your placement form today and let real estate companies know what you are looking for.

Current or Former Hogan Website User

If you are a current or former student with a Hogan username and password, either from a previous placement form, or from a current or past subscription to the Vocabulary Workshop, please login to and either create or update your placement form. After logging in, you can find your placement form by clicking on My Hogan in the upper right part of the web page where the Logout links is found.

New Placement Record

If you don’t already have them, you will need a Hogan username and password. Enter your name and valid e-mail address below, and a username and password will be created and sent to you by e-mail. Upon receipt of that confirmation e-mail, you will be able to login, change your username and password, create a placement form, and even upload a resume for real estate companies to view. All of this can be found at My Hogan in the upper right part of the web page where the Logout link is found.

Note: Your placement information will be confirmed by Hogan School staff as belonging to a Hogan School student prior to being available to brokers online.

Online creation of placement form temporarily disabled, please see office staff to make this happen for you right away.

Live Classes This Week

Saturday July 21
9:00am 6 (3Contract Law/3RE Legal Issues)
Tuesday July 24
6:00pm 3 RE Legal Issues
Wednesday July 25
8:00am 3 Fair Housing
11:00am 3 RE Legal Issues
2:30pm 3 Contract Law
Thursday July 26
8:00am 3 Disclosure
11:00am 3 General
2:30pm 3 Commissioner's Standards

Sales Prelicensing Classes (+/-)

Saturday July 21
8:45am N1
1:00pm N2
Sunday July 22
8:45am N3
1:00pm N4
Monday July 23
8:45am AZ1
1:00pm AZ2
6:30pm N9
Tuesday July 24
8:45am AZ3
1:00pm AZ4
6:30pm N10
Wednesday July 25
8:45am AZ5
1:00pm AZ6
6:30pm N11
Thursday July 26
8:45am AZ7
1:00pm AZ8
6:30pm N12
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