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Real estate ownership has positive and negative factors at work within the marketplace. Beginning in 2006 and continuing in the present, foreclosures have been a major force in Arizona’s real estate business. Real estate agents are often asked about foreclosure and its ramifications by sellers, buyers and investors. This course is designed to educate licensees about the common procedures and misconceptions related to foreclosures in Arizona.


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This course will cover details of the Forclosure process in Arizona

Topics will include:

  • Discuss trust deed history and trust deed law
  • Consider bidding at foreclosure auctions
  • Examine Arizona anti-deficiency judgment statutes
  • Review the judicial foreclosure process with case studies
  • Analyze foreclosure’s effect on credit and taxation
  • Describe how foreclosure’s effect tenants and bankruptcy’s effect on foreclosure

Online class tuition: $25

ADRE Renewal: 3 hours RE Legal Issues credit

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