Loan Originator Licensing Classroom Courses

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20hr Class:                                       20hr Class Plus CompuCram Study Package: 

Arizona Loan Originator Pre-License, SAFE Comprehensive Course

The course will cover the following topics:NMLS Logo

  • The Safe Act
  • Mortgage Lending overview
  • Federal Regulations & Practices
  • Nontraditional/Nonconforming Loans & Financing
  • Federal Prohibition of Predatory Lending Laws
  • Government Loan Programs
  • Federal Financing Disclosure
  • Federal Privacy Protection & Consumer Identification Laws
  • Ethics
  • Arizona Law


$349 for the entire 20-hour program

Class meets from 8AM to 5PM on the first two days and 8AM - Noon on the 3rd day.

Course Expectations

Attendance is mandatory to receive course credit. Attendees must sign in & out of class for the morning & afternnon sessions. Before your completion status can be transmitted to the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) you are required to:

  • Be prepared to show ID at check in
  • Spend the minimum required amount of time in the course
  • Complete all the required activities
  • Participate in class activities
  • Recognize that this prelicensing course only provides an initial foundation for MLOs. The course does not completely prepare new MLOs to meet their professional needs. New MLOs will need to research and study additional information beyond the course topics.
  • The textbook and referenced resources are designed to provide professional education, not simply to prepare MLOs to pass the professional licensing exam.
  • Reviewing chapter information outside of class will more completely prepare participants for class topics.
  • It is import to review the chapter summary and questions on your own study time.
  • At the conclusion of the course, you will be asked to complete a Course Evaluation. If you do not complete all of the requirements, including the course evaluation, you will not get credit for this course and no results will be communicated to NMLS.

Education Requirements

All mortgage loan originators must complete 20 hours of NMLS approved education and become licensed under Arizona laws.

To become a loan originator you must have completed at least 20 hours of education during the two years immediately preceeding the time of application. You must also pass the loan originator exam on Federal and State laws and rules not more than one year before the granting of the license.

To access the testing service and learn more about taking a SAFE test, by downloading the MLO Testing Handbook.

For information regarding fingerprinting click here.

Loan Originator Exam Prep Course

Prepare for the NMLS exams by taking an exam prep course. For more information...
click here

NMLS Unique Identifier

Each loan originator needs to obtain a unique identifier through NMLS. If you have not obtained your unique identifier number, you need to log on to State Regulatory Registry.

Arizona State Licensing Requirements

Access the necessary forms for licensing in the state of Arizona at the NMLS Resource Center.

Loan Originator Licensing Online Courses

Hogan School has also partnered with the Association of Mortgage Educators to offer online courses for loan originator licensing in Arizona and California. For more information regarding this online course click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have additional here.

Test Information

The Mortgage Loan Originator exam is given by Prometric and you must schedule your exam through NMLS. Some additional information about the exam is below:

New Applicants or existing licensees who expect to enroll and/or take any SAFE MLO tests should review these candidate enrollment scenarios.


Richard Koevary, Blue Sky Mortgage

Sherrie Liebert, Paramont Residential Mortgage Group, Inc. (PRMG).

Mark Ross, Good Steward Lending

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