Broker Interviewing Skills Workshop

Choosing a broker that fits your needs as a new agent will be a crucial part of your success. How do you know which brokerage is best suited to help you achieve your goals, what questions should you even be asking to you help make that decision? With so many brokerages to choose from we will arm you with the information needed to ask the questions that matter and make the best decision for you.

Things we’ll cover:

There are more brokerage options than just residential resale. Know what to expect in each specialty area of Real Estate including Business Brokerage, Property Management, Commercial, New Homes, Luxury Homes, & Time Shares

  • Commission Splits, Compensation Plans, Profit Sharing.
  • Leads & Referral Distribution / Competing Brokers.
  • Teams: What is the difference between joining a team or not?
  • Training & Mentoring – What kind of training & support should you be looking for?
  • Resources, Supplies, Out-of-Pocket Expenses.
  • Broker Availability: How available will your broker(s) be as you learn the ins and outs.
  • The Fine Print in an Independent Contractors Agreement & Policy Manuals.
  • Advance Training & Business Development provided?
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