The Vocabulary Workshop is for studying the unique vocabulary terms in the Sales and Broker Licensing Courses. A subscription to the service is $19.99 for 90 days and may be purchased online or at Hogan by phone or in person during regular office hours.

Please do take the time to read the following instructions:

Vocabulary Demo

The Demo function allows non-registered users to use the fully functional Terms, Drill, and Report features. The Demo functions are limited, however, to only about 10% of the full vocabulary database, and marked terms will not be saved for future sessions.

Vocabulary Terms

Use the four controls in the upper box to see all, or just part, of the terms database. The number of terms you have selected appears in the table heading, only 50 per page are displayed, and you can page through them.

The first drop-down menu allows you to choose an individual section, a group of sections, or all sections from the course.

The second drop-down menu allows you to include originals only, “duplicates” only, or both. Duplicates are are those terms in a particular section which work well by giving the term to which you provide the definition. Not all terms have duplicates, and this does not refer to terms which appear in multiple sections.

The third drop-down menu allows you to look at only those terms you’ve marked for review. You can see which terms are marked by the checks, marking and unmarking takes place only in the Drill. The number of terms you have marked is displayed in the control box on the Terms page. The terms you have marked are saved from session to session.

The fourth control is a field where you can enter a search term. Only records containing the exact term you enter, irrespective of case, will appear.


The Drill function is the heart of the program and is designed to provide a flash-card-like experience for you. Whatever terms you had chosen are available and numbered. The buttons move you to the first or last term, forward or backward one term, or to a random term, and by hovering over the view button, the answer is revealed. There are keyboard shortcuts for all of these functions as well.

You can mark and unmark terms for review here. The number of terms you have marked at any time is displayed. The terms you have marked are saved from session to session unless you are using the Demo.

Recommended Study Procedure

Drill on one session at a time. If you don’t know or are unsure of a term, mark that term for review. It is possible and completely normal that the first time through you will mark all, or nearly all, of the terms. After completing the first round of drill on that session, go back and drill on only those terms that you marked for review. During this drill unmark the terms that you now know. Continue this procedure until all terms are unmarked. Following this procedure will allow you to focus on the terms with which you are having trouble. Repetition and speed are better than simply staring at one term for a long time. It is far better to study a single term 6 different times for 10 seconds each time than to study that term for 60 seconds straight.


Similar to the Drill function, the Report function uses the set of terms you have selected. In this case, it creates a printable report of your selected terms for you to study from. Use this for a printout and you will get all of the terms you have selected in a single report, not 50 at a time, and they will print out without the headers and menus.

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