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Salesperson License

How can I be sure a career in real estate is for me?
Real estate is, above all else, a customer service business. You will be involved in what will be one of the biggest purchases/sales in someone’s life. We would encourage you to sit down and review your career objectives and what you want to get from your career. Discuss those issues and goals with someone who knows first hand what the industry is like and then make your decision.

How much money will I make in the real estate industry?
As a real estate professional, you are an independent contractor. You are basically running your own business. As in any business, you will get out of it what you put into it! Talking to brokers and agents will give you a real idea of what is possible!

I have not been in school for years. Am I going to be able to handle this?
Of course you are! Everyone in that room has the same feelings as you do…you are not alone! Our instructors do a great job at making the material easy to understand. In addition, our schedule makes it easy for you to fit the courses into your busy life. We understand that you have a lot of things happening in your life and we make it easy for you to accomplish your career goals at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Is there a lot of outside work in the classes?
We feel that attending all the class sessions and taking good notes in class is not sufficient to pass the State exam. Set aside time after each class to complete the homework, study your notes and review the daily quizzes. The quizzes are given to you as a study aid, they will assist you in spotting those areas in which you need additional study.

What if I miss a class?
Just give us a call. We will be happy to reschedule you for the portion of the prelicensing course you missed! The State of Arizona requires you complete the entire 90 hour course prior to taking the school’s final examination.

How do I ensure passing the state exam the first time?
Hogan School’s course is designed to help you pass the exam on the first try! Since 1973 our experience has allowed us the opportunity to put together the ultimate in exam preparation. Our program includes the “Study Smart Workbook” and a textbook which includes a preparatory examination. In the classroom you’ll take daily quizzes and three review examinations. We have found this will prepare you to tackle the state exam with confidence.

Why should I take my prelicense course with Hogan School?
Hogan School is a “real estate school” as defined by our state licensing law, and is regulated by the Arizona Department of Real Estate. All of our instructors must meet stringent department of real estate certification requirements. Hogan School must also meet the minimum course content requirements for prelicense courses as required by the Arizona Department of Real Estate.

Broker License

What is the Employing Broker Verification (LI-226) form?
This form documents your salesperson experience needed to obtain a broker’s license. Forms must be completed and signed by present and/or past brokers you have been employed by for three years out of five years. These forms will be submitted to ADRE when you apply for your license.

When am I eligible to take the State Exam?
You must have completed the 90 hour course, taken and passed the Hogan final exam. You must bring your signed verification forms with you to the exam.

How long does it take to become a licensed broker?
It is possible to complete the whole process in as little as two months.

Live Classes This Week

Thursday November 15
6:00pm 3 RE Legal Issues
Friday November 16
8:00am 3 Commissioner's Standards
9:00am 6 (3Contract Law/3RE Legal Issues)
11:00am 3 Commissioner's Standards
2:30pm 3 Commissioner's Standards
Monday November 19
8:00am 3 Contract Law
11:00am 3 Commissioner's Standards
2:30pm 3 RE Legal Issues
Tuesday November 20
8:00am 3 Fair Housing
11:00am 3 General
2:30pm 3 Agency Law

Sales Prelicensing Classes (+/-)

Wednesday November 14
8:45am AZ4
Foothills Mall
1:00pm AZ5
Foothills Mall
Thursday November 15
8:45am AZ6
Foothills Mall
1:00pm AZ7
Foothills Mall
Friday November 16
8:45am AZ8
Foothills Mall
Wednesday November 14
8:45am AZ5
1:00pm AZ6
6:30pm N4
Thursday November 15
8:45am AZ7
1:00pm AZ8
6:30pm N5
Monday November 19
6:30pm N6
Tuesday November 20
6:30pm N7

Broker Prelicensing Classes (+/-)

Wednesday November 14
8:45am BN3
1:00pm BN4
Monday November 19
8:45am BN5
1:00pm BN6
Tuesday November 20
8:45am BN7
1:00pm BN8

Mortgage Classes (+/-)

Thursday November 15
8:00am 8 Hour AZ SAFE Compliance in Action 2018
8:00am 8 Hour AZ SAFE Compliance in Action 2018 (MCE)
6:00pm What the Heck is a 'HECM' FHA's New & Improved Reverse Mortgage Program (1MCE)
6:00pm What the Heck is a 'HECM' FHA's New & Improved Reverse Mortgage Program (MCE)
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