Criminal Clearance Cards and Fingerprint Dates

Electronic Fingerprinting

You DO NOT need a fingerprint clearance card to begin classes!

The new electronic processing method will potentially cut away three to four weeks of processing. For applicants with no criminal history, you could have a clearance card in-hand in just a couple days. If an applicant has a criminal background the process may take a bit longer.  Please click on the link provided here Electronic Fingerprint Instructions to print directions on how to start your electronic fingerprint process.  Once you have printed and read the instructions please visit the Fieldprint website at or click on the active icon below to schedule your appointment for your fingerprints.                                              Arizona

If you have fingerprints that are hard to print it is suggested that you take advantage of the ink fingerprinting process to insure a good set of fingerprints for the DPS process.  Please read the “Ink Fingerprinting” instructions below for more information.

Ink Fingerprinting



You DO NOT need a fingerprint clearance card to begin classes!

To obtain the Ink AZ fingerprint clearance card you must:

All new applicants seeking an original license (including but not limited to real estate salesperson and/or broker) from the Arizona Department of Real Estate must provide an Arizona fingerprint clearance card at the time of license application.




  • Contact the Department of Public Safety for a fingerprint card and application click here
  • See the table below to find a vendor for ink fingerprinting and be fingerprinted
  • Fill out fingerprint clearance card application
  • Obtain a cashiers check or money order for the $67 application fee
  • Mail all items to DPS by certified mail
  • Processing may take 5 – 8 weeks

If you already have an Arizona fingerprint clearance card that was issued within the last 6 years you do not need to obtain a new card, you must call DPS at 602-223-2279 and have the ARS CODE 32-2108.01 added to the current card you possess.

We highly recommend that if you choose the “Ink Fingerprinting” process please start that process as soon as possible.  It can take 8 weeks or longer for students to receive their fingerprint cards from DPS (Dept. of Public Safety).  Contact the Dept. of Public Safety at 1-602-223-2279 and ask them to mail you an “Application Package”.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Obtain a regular fingerprint card from Hogan and be fingerprinted. Available fingerprint dates are to the right but if you are unable to make one of those, other options are listed below:

Tucson Police Department
1100 S Alvernon Way
(Multi Service Center)
$10 cash or check,
must provide own card
Wednesdays only, 8am – 3pm

Photo ID Required

Pima County Sheriff’s Department
1650 E Benson Hwy Ste B
$10 cash ONLY Monday – Friday, 10am – 2:00pm
First & Third Saturday of each month 9am – 12pm

Photo ID Required

Marana Police Department
11555 W Civic Center Dr
$10 – $15,
must provide own card
Tuesday 9am – 12pm
Thursday 1pm – 4pm

Photo ID Required

Oro Valley Police Department
11000 N La Canada
$10 cash ONLY Tuesday 8am – 10am
Thursday 2:30pm – 4:30pm

Photo ID Required

University of Arizona Police Department
1852 E 1st St
(Corner of 1st St & Campbell Blvd)
$10 cash or check,
must provide own card
Tuesday & Thursday 8am – 11am

Photo ID Required

Clearance Card Application

Obtain a fingerprint clearance card application from us or the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), by calling (602)223-2279 or faxing your request to (602)223-2947.

Complete the application thoroughly and accurately. Use Black or Blue Ink. Your application packet must include the following:

  • DPS Application (white copy ONLY) for fingerprint clearance card form
  • Fingerprint card
  • Fingerprint clearance card fee of $67. Only cashier’s checks, money orders or a check drawn on a business account made payable to the AZ Department of Public Safety will be accepted.

Place the application packet in a large envelope with sufficient postage and a return address.

Do not fold,  bend or damage the fingerprint card.

Mail the completed application packet to:

Arizona Department of Public Safety
PO BOX 18390
Phoenix, AZ 85005-8390

You can now check the status of your fingerprint card online click here to start.

Other Important Information

  • Processing time averages five to eight weeks, depending on whether or not there is a criminal record. Fingerprints will be used to obtain both state and federal criminal records check.
  • Fingerprint clearance cards are valid for six years
  • Fingerprint Clearance precluding offences may be found by visiting the state website and view A.R.S. 41-1758.03
  • Fingerprint Clearance Card denials may be appealed through the fingerprint clearance appeal board.
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