Property Management

Basic Arizona Landlord-Tenant Law: Pitfalls for Property Managers

This class will discuss the protections Arizona law has instituted for tenants, the uses to which savvy tenants (and tenant attorneys) can put these protections, and how landlords and property managers can structure their rental agreements and interactions with tenants to avoid common pitfalls.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Residential Landlord Tenant Act & Exclusions
  • Ensure Compliance with City and State law
  • Disclose! Go beyond what the law requires
  • Screening to select your best tenant – Legal criteria vs. Discrimination
  • Scope of Rental: What exactly are you renting?

 ADRE Renewal: 3 hours Real Estate Legal Issues credit

Tuition: $25

Instructor: Daniel G. Barker

The Landlord – Tenant Law (Basic & Intermediate Level)

Class is based on the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act A.R.S. §33-1301 to 33-1381 and covers the following topics:

  • Legislative update: Review of recent changes in the law
  • What law applies and when?
  • Review of residential, commercial, mobile home, recreational vehicles and other laws
  • Best legal advice to landlords and property managers
  • General guidelines for doing business
  • Requirements of the Arizona Residential Landlord/Tenant Act
  • Where to spend your time/money as a landlord
  • How to handle common tenant problems
  • Rental Agreements
  • Lease versus month-to-month agreement
  • Lease with Option to Purchase vs. Lease Purchase Agreement
  • Preparation of forms; such as, tenant application, property inspection sheet, notice to terminate, 5-day notice, 10-day notice and more
  • Anatomy of an eviction

ADRE Renewal: 3 hours RE Legal Issues credit

Tuition: $35

Instructor: Carlton C. Casler

Your Instructors

Daniel G. Barker

Daniel G. Barker has been a member of the law firm of Remick West-Watt, PLC since June 2016, practicing in the areas of Real Estate, Landlord-Tenant, Family Law, Civil Litigation, and Business Law.  Daniel graduated from the William & Mary College of Law and was admitted to the Arizona Bar in 2011. He worked for Southern Arizona Legal Aid for four years, assisting low-income clientswith a wide variety of legal matters including Landlord-Tenant and Civil Litigation. In addition to his legal experience, Daniel has a diverse background, including working for a major workers’ compensation insurer, a mortgage loan originator, and a dotcom.

Carlton C. Casler Esq.

Carlton C. Casler is a solo practitioner and the owner of the Casler Law Office, PLLC and Casler School of Real Estate.  The focus of his law practice is real estate law and contract law, with and emphasis on residential and commercial landlord/tenant law.  He is the author of real estate books and reference guides and one of the leading authorities on landlord/tenant law in Arizona.  He is a member of the National Speakers Association and over the past 25 plus years has given countless seminars, webinars and continuing education courses about landlord/tenant law to landlords, property managers, real estate brokers, attorneys and even judges.


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