Income Taxes for Agents and Brokers

This class will explain the income tax requirements of self-employed agents and brokers.  Amy will discuss common deductions, the use of an office-in-home, estimated tax payments, taxes for different entity types, record-keeping, penalties and tax resolution methods.

This course will cover:

  • The difference between income tax and self-employment tax
  • How are certain taxes calculated
  • What is the difference between gross income and net income
  • Do you qualify for an office-in-home deduction
  • How do you deduct your auto expenses
  • Employees vs. 1099 contractors
  • Taxation for sole proprietors, partnerships, and S Corporations
  • And much More….

ADRE Renewal: 3 hours Real Estate Legal Issues credit

Tuition: $25

Your Instructor – Amy Wall

Amy Wall is a Licensed Enrolled Agent with the IRS, she assists taxpayers with any tax issues they may have. She has a private tax preparation practice in Tucson, and works with individuals and small businesses, including sole proprietorships, partnerships and S Corporations. In addition to income tax preparation, she offers business plan development and consultation services. Amy is also interested in virtual currency and is the author of Virtual Tax: The taxation of virtual currency.Amy is a registered member of National Association of Enrolled Agents, the Southern Arizona Chapter of Enrolled Agents, the National Association of Tax Professionals. She has also achieved the National Tax Practice Institute Fellow status.

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