Gift Cards

Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

A Hogan School Gift Card will keep on giving long after it’s been redeemed!

Knowledge is Power and the Gift of Hogan Knowledge is always:
  • The right size ($25 and up)
  • Easy to use and fits easily into your purse or wallet
  • Applicable to help further your professional career through a Designation or Certification Course such as ABR, GREEN, SRES, SFR and HAFA
  • Applicable toward taking a Sales or Broker Prelicense Course
  • Available for renewal courses & includes Hogan online courses
  • Available for Investor and Specialty courses
  • Available to jump start a new career in Mortgage lending
  • Easy to purchase by phone or in person
  • Gift cards can be personalized with your company logo at no extra charge.

ORDER NOW so you have them ready for the holidays.


Live Classes This Week

Saturday July 21
9:00am 6 (3Contract Law/3RE Legal Issues)
Tuesday July 24
6:00pm 3 RE Legal Issues
Wednesday July 25
8:00am 3 Fair Housing
11:00am 3 RE Legal Issues
2:30pm 3 Contract Law
Thursday July 26
8:00am 3 Disclosure
11:00am 3 General
2:30pm 3 Commissioner's Standards

Sales Prelicensing Classes (+/-)

Saturday July 21
8:45am N1
1:00pm N2
Sunday July 22
8:45am N3
1:00pm N4
Monday July 23
8:45am AZ1
1:00pm AZ2
6:30pm N9
Tuesday July 24
8:45am AZ3
1:00pm AZ4
6:30pm N10
Wednesday July 25
8:45am AZ5
1:00pm AZ6
6:30pm N11
Thursday July 26
8:45am AZ7
1:00pm AZ8
6:30pm N12
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