Awesome course, STAFF, etc. I appreciate how everyone wants the students to succeed. Gary

All instructors were well prepared and extremely knowledgeable of the material they presented.  The instructor’s covered the subject thoroughly and kept it interesting through their personal experiences and lively discussions. Thank you Hogan School for a great cadre of instructors. George

I felt this course was well delivered. I have been a Broker in Minnesota for the last 25 years. I found this course to be a great review. All instructors were very knowledgeable and explained things in a clear and relatable fashion.  In my opinion, this school does a great job! Dorrie

Overall, great school, staff, instructors, curriculum, and atmosphere I feel like everyone involved really wanted me to be successful and have answered any question I have and are available if I need them. Gary

The reviews are very helpful. Each leader of the classes made each class unique in learning real estate in their own way. I feel at home, Hogan’s staff is very welcoming and shows me that they care. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I made the right choice. Thank Hogan! Raquel

The visuals and examples were super helpful. Dan and George are the best. Also, loved frank’s gentle, sure, knowledgeable manners. The material and the way it’s laid out and taught builds and helps the connections are made so that true learning happens. Very impressed with every aspect, the way things are structured, the way the staff and teachers care about real estate, integrity, people, and healthy, honest business. I feel like I am getting super prepared to succeed on the test and beyond. Erin

Being a severe dyslexic schooling has been an issue but Hogan has given me the opportunity, tools and encouragement to receive my license. If you have any type of disability don’t be discouraged. Hogan School could help you as they have helped me. Thank you Jim, Jenny and all of the talented instructors. Keith B.

Dear Friends at Hogan, Thank you so much for the amazing experience that I had as a student at your school.  Especially, thank you for the incredible preparation to take the Arizona Real Estate Salesperson Exam.  As I sat there answering the questions, besides recalling the information from the book and Vocabulary Program, I often heard Dan or George relating some comical example that would fit the situation. Thanks again for making my achievement possible. Angela

I’m very impressed with the format and amount of material covered in such a short amount of time.   I like having different instructors each session, to keep from monotony.  Pamela

Absolutely love all the professors.  They are all very smart, fun and dedicated.  Will recommend Hogan to everyone.   Bianca

I love this school!! I feel like everything was explained in ways that made it easy to understand and I’m ready to start in the real estate field… Finally! Danielle

It as been a great class, the instructors and front desk staff are great and very supportive. I cant imagine a better run class. Hunter

Great program, well organized and well presented. I have learned a lot in 3 weeks. Scott

Kudos! All instructors were engaging with vast knowledge and refreshing humor. Potentially the best taught class I have ever taken. Anthony

I wanted to take the time to personally thank all of you at the Hogan School.   I was able to pass the Arizona Real Estate exam with no worries.  The key was clearly knowing the Vocabulary from a National perspective and realizing the Laws within the State of Arizona.  I had no surprises up to and including using the “HOGAN” methods when it came to the math calculations.   I used the online Vocabulary Workshop, which is pretty incredible to say the least.  Again, thank you so much I appreciate your school, instructors and know that I will be back from time to time to complete my continuous education. Linda E

 Hogan is the Harvard of Real Estate Schools.  Dan S

Great Experience!  I will be back and highly recommend Hogan!  Cindi P

I am blown away by the educational experience your school provides…THANK YOU for a most professional and fun learning environment!  Rick R.

Keep up the good work, honestly I felt a little bit of sadness on completion day. I felt the course had gone by too fast and could not believe we were already done. I guess time flys when you’re having fun! Everyone at HOGAN was a pleasure to meet and work with. Keep smiling and never lose your style of warmth, friendliness, and professionalism that make HOGAN such a wonderful place to be.. Gerald R.

The whole course was fantastic, although it can be very confusing; it is explained in the easiest terms by the instructors. I also love the openness of all the instructors; they are easy to approach and ask Q’s.  Laura P.

I’ve been to a lot of schools in 26 yrs of military flying and 29 yrs of airline flying and Hogan’s is one of the best and it’s the WHOLE experience that makes it! Keep it up!   Morgan

I look forward to coming to class everyday because of the expertise of the instructors and the professional manner in which Hogan School conducts itself.   James H. R.

The accommodations were very professional. The learning materials are excellent and easy to use. The curriculum is world class and follows all essential teaching elements….Finally it was presented by true professionals with heart. Where do you find such instructors?  Bryan R.

I had commented to another student that as a class we had claimed possession of our instructors. True. As a new real estate professional I am looking forward to the continuing ed courses available. I am very grateful for the level of instruction I received here. Thank You.  Michael P

I would love to know your secret formula for finding and retaining such high quality instructors. Really appreciate all of the kitchen conveniences. Thank You I enjoyed it.  Cathy O

Every instructor took their time and made sure everyone understood the material. They all made it alot of fun! And I sincerely hope that you start offering a Welcome to DIck’s tory telling hour He is so positive and I really enjoyed his classes! I am sure this class would be booked everytime! Roni G

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this school. At first the quality of the instructors and their ‘internal goodness’ put me at ease. Then the honor pulled me thru. What a great group of people you are. I thank you.  Sandra S

I loved the class, and I feel like it’s the best there is. Everyone was nice and all of the material was excellent. Thank You.   Trista D

Enjoyed stories enjoyed enthusiasm of instructors. An enjoyable experience. Looked forward to coming to classes.  Rey M

 I recommended my friends to consider Hogan School of Real Estate if they were interested in learning about real estate. I believe that the instructors did make a great difference. All of the instructors are wonderful to have in class. I really enjoyed the course although I only took the class for my own information and knowledge. Mymy Ho

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