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Availability Class Document Description
Public8 Hour AZ SAFE ComprehensiveRules of Conduct8 Hour AZ SAFE Comprehensive: Relevant Practices for the MLO.

NMLS is requiring all MLOs to read and sign the attached document prior to starting class.
PublicAllFee ScheduleADRE Licensing Fees 3.2015
PublicAppraisal LicensingFAQ Appraisal3.2013 Frequently Asked Questions
PublicArticulate Mobile Player InstructionsArticulatePlayerArticulate Mobile Player
PublicAssistant Policy Statement from ADRESPS 2017.01 Arizona Department of Real Estate Substantive Policy Statement regarding unlicensed assistants.
PublicBMC #2Consent Limited Rep.Consent to Limited Representation form
PublicBMC #2Sample READE formsample READE form.
PublicBrokerEmp Broker FormADRE LI-226 Applicants for a broker's license submit this form to verify active licensed experience requirements. 2.2013
PublicBroker Policy Manual 2017Broker Policy Man 172017 Broker Office Policy Manual
PublicFair HousingFair Housing PosterFair Housing Poster
PublicFirefox popup blocker directionsFireFoxPopupBlockerDirections: Disable Firefox popup blocker
PublicInternet Explorer Popup BlockerInternetExplPopupBlkDirections: Disable Internet Explorer popup blocker
PublicLandlord Tenant LawLandlord Tenant ActArizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act, 8/2013
PublicLoan Originator LicensingLoan Originator FAQFAQ for LO Licensing in Arizona 7.2013
PublicLoan OriginatorsSAFE ActThe SAFE Act
PublicMRP Pre Class ReadMRP - Pre ClassMRP Pre class reading
PublicNAR's Green DesignationTucson RecyclesList of items that are accepted for recycling.
PublicNAR's Green Designation CoursePhoenix RecycleList of recycle items for Phoenix.
PublicNAR's Green Designation CoursePima County RecycleList of recycle items for Pima County.
PublicOnline FAQOnline CE FAQOnline Continuing Education Courses Frequently Asked Questions
PublicOnline Policies & ProceduresOnline CE PoliciesOnline Continuing Education Courses Policies & Procedures
PublicPopup Blocker Google ChromeGoogleChrmPopUpDirections: How to disable popup blocker in google chrome
PublicPrelicense Sales and BrokersElect FingerprintsElectronic Fingerprint instructions
PublicPreserving & Ensuring Agent SafetyAgent SafetyTop 21 Tips for ensuring agent safety
PublicPrivate Water WellsCertified Flow Testby Gary Hix
PublicPrivate Water WellsPrivate Water WellsPrivate Water Wells
PublicPrivate Water WellsWater Q & AWater Questions & Answers
PublicPrivate Water WellsWell InspectionsImportance of Water Wells
PublicProof of Legal PresenceLegal PresenceProof of the license applicant's legal presence in the US
PublicSafari Popup Blocker DirectionsSafariPopupBlockerDirections: Disable Safari popup blocker
PublicSales / Brokers PrelicensingGreat Endings8.16.2013 from the professor points
PublicSales Person's Prelicensing Course70 QuestionsA list of questions to use when interviewing brokers
PublicSales/BrokerCandidate BulletinCandidate Information Bulletin for taking State Exam NEW 4/2013
PublicSales/BrokerClearance CardFingerprint Clearance Card instructions
PublicSales/BrokerLead Based PaintLead Based Paint Pamphlet
PublicSales/BrokerLI 400 DisclosureDisclosure Document Submittal Checklist 11/2011
PublicSales/BrokerLI-214ADRE LI-214/ 244
Original License / Renewal Disciplinary Actions Disclosure
PublicSales/BrokerLicense Change FormADRE LI-201 Form is used to change address, licensee's legal name, license status. 6.2012
PublicSales/BrokerLicense Renewal FormADRE LI-243 Licensing Renewal form 6.2012
PublicSales/BrokerSales/Broker FormADRE LI-202 Use this form to sever, hire, transfer and/or assign as a branch manager. For Sales/Associate Brokers Only. 6.2011
PublicTop 10 DisclousreBuyer AdvisoryBuyer Advisory uploaded 02/07/2011
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